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The first impression people have of your house is the door, so you want to make sure it's impressive. So many houses have beautiful interiors but are let down by their doors. I love doors, and I always take pictures as I travel around the world of different styles of doors. It's a real hobby of mine, and I can tell you so much about the people who live inside the house. This house has pictures of some of my favourite doors and some tips on what to look for as you update your home or office door and entrance way.


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The Benefits Of Choosing Window Security Mesh Made From Stainless Steel

During the savage heat of an average Australian summer, keeping your home tolerably cool is essential, and while air conditioning systems have their place, they can make the air in your home uncomfortably dry if used constantly. When you have the opportunity, opening your windows on a mild summer evening is a much more pleasant (not to mention cost-effective) way to cool and ventilate your home.

Unfortunately, a wide-open window left unattended presents a tempting target for opportunistic thieves and burglars, and many homeowners have left a room only to find the valuables around their open windows missing without ever realising an intruder had entered their home. Fitting mesh security screens to your windows allows you to keep them open without compromising on home security or blocking out light and pleasant views.

Security mesh can be made from a variety of metals, but stainless steel mesh is considered by many to be the gold standard. Stainless steel window security mesh has a number of advantages over mesh made of aluminium or ordinary steel, and it is a perfect addition to the security measures of any home.

What are the advantages of choosing stainless steel window security mesh?


Naturally, any security mesh placed over your windows must possess significant strength to resist attempts by intruders to break through it, and in this area stainless steel security mesh excels. Possessing all of the strength and impact resistance of conventional steel, stainless steel security mesh presents a formidable barrier to potential burglars, and it can resist heavy impacts without breaking.


As well as resisting physical impact damage, stainless steel security mesh can also withstand constant exposure to the elements. Unlike ordinary steel, stainless steel is actually an alloy of steel mixed with rustproof metals such as chromium. The finished result is a metal with all the durability of steel plus immunity to rust, and security mesh made of this metal will last for decades without rusting despite constant exposure to rain and airborne moisture. This makes it a far more secure choice than aluminium mesh, which is also rust-resistant but is physically weaker than steel.

Low maintenance

Because they do not rust, stainless steel window meshes require very little maintenance to retain their strength and durability, and an occasional cleaning to remove debris trapped in the gaps of the mesh is all the maintenance they will likely ever require.


The sheer strength of stainless steel allows stainless steel window mesh to be made with much thinner cords than aluminium mesh without compromising on security. Less metal used means that less light is blocked out by the fitted mesh, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of natural light and attractive views even when your mesh screens are closed. It also makes your window mesh less visible and unsightly when viewed from the outside, preventing your home from looking more like a survivalist's camp than an inviting home.