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The first impression people have of your house is the door, so you want to make sure it's impressive. So many houses have beautiful interiors but are let down by their doors. I love doors, and I always take pictures as I travel around the world of different styles of doors. It's a real hobby of mine, and I can tell you so much about the people who live inside the house. This house has pictures of some of my favourite doors and some tips on what to look for as you update your home or office door and entrance way.


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Key Reasons to Install Security Doors Inside Your Property

Adding a security door to your property's exterior is an excellent way to protect your goods against intruders. Not only are they difficult to destruct, they act as a deterrent, which significantly reduces the chances of someone stealing your goods. If you're looking at protecting your property even further, you may want to consider adding another door to the inside. In addition to making precious commodities practically impenetrable, it can protect your premises in other ways too.

You add an extra layer of protection to valuable goods

If an intruder manages to gain access to your building via a window or making their way through your present external doors, placing another door leading into the room where you keep your valuables acts as a deterrent. Security doors featuring stainless steel are practically impossible to break through, which means intruders are likely to decide that it isn't worth the risk of the police catching them and will leave the property. Having a backup plan for scenarios where your external security measures fail may also reduce your insurance rates, making it a cost-effective solution in the long term.

Security doors act as an essential fire guard

According to the South Australian Country Fire Service, 9,636 fires broke out in South Australia alone between July 2013 - June 2014. As it's clear that fires aren't rare, it's always worth considering adding extra safety measures to your property. Depending on the type of security door you choose, you can extend the amount of time it takes for a fire to spread from room to room, which in turn reduces the risk of serious damage to your property and its contents. When choosing to add such doors to a residential property, they can increase the value for this reason.

You can relax when people are on your property

Whether you're running a business or inviting guests into your home, it's difficult to remain certain that your goods are always safe. From family heirlooms to high volumes of cash, if you can keep your most precious assets in one place behind a door that's challenging to break through, you can relax knowing everything is secure. This is especially important when it comes to items such as antiques, which aren't replaceable even with a robust insurance policy.

Whether it's the desire to keep your goods away from unsavoury characters or the need to protect them against fires, your security doors come with many benefits. If you're considering adding one to the outside of your property or there's a door in place, including them on the inside is always worth thinking about too.