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The first impression people have of your house is the door, so you want to make sure it's impressive. So many houses have beautiful interiors but are let down by their doors. I love doors, and I always take pictures as I travel around the world of different styles of doors. It's a real hobby of mine, and I can tell you so much about the people who live inside the house. This house has pictures of some of my favourite doors and some tips on what to look for as you update your home or office door and entrance way.


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Roller Blind Selection Guide for Your Residential Doors

A roller blind is essentially a stiffened fabric rolled around an aluminuim tube so that the fabric can be rolled up or dropped down by a chain or a powered motor to provide privacy as well as light control. Roller blinds come in an extensive selection of fabric colours, sizes and weights for every kind of window, door and décor, making these coverings suitable for virtually any room in your home.

If you want to dress up your home's doors with roller blinds, here are a number of options you can use.

Blockout roller blinds

These roller blinds are usually made of darkening fabric. As the name suggests, they help to block out light from reaching rooms where privacy is appreciated, like bedrooms. When rolled down, they won't let any prying eyes outside of your home catch a glimpse of your bedroom's interiors.

Light-filtering roller blinds

They diffuse and soften the light that may penetrate through your doors. They are appropriate for use in rooms that receive too much glare. If the light coming into your living room through the front door is making it difficult for you to enjoy watching television, installing light-filtering blinds would be a smart move. The light-softening properties will make it possible for you to be rid of excessive glare without necessarily darkening a room like blackout blinds would if you installed them.

Sunscreen roller blinds

These roller blinds are suitable for use in homes that see plenty of sun for the most part of the year. They will help reduce the amount of heat absorbed into homes from outside influences. They will also minimise UV radiation by blocking out a considerable amount of the sun's harmful UV light. Hence, they will keep your family safe, but they will also significantly cut down your energy bills.

Designer-styled roller blinds

You can also obtain custom-designed roller blinds that are made to suit your specific door treatment requirements. Roller blind manufacturers can work their way to deliver you tailored coverings that combine the features of any of the above-discussed types of roller blinds. Hence, you may purchase a product that softens light but also offers sun protection (light-filtering and sunscreen), darkens a room but also provides sun protection (blockout and sunscreen), and so on.

Knowing the type of service you need from your roller blinds will ensure you select the right type of treatment for your residential doors.